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For the purposes of this Law, the Universal Service shall be the basic set of electronic communications services of specified quality and scope available to end users on the territory of Montenegro at affordable prices, regardless of their geographic position. The Universal Service shall be provided on a technologically neutral basis, on the principles of objectivity, transparency, proportionality and non-discrimination, while distorting market competition to the least possible extent. Services of the Universal Service are defined in Article 82, paragraph 1 of the Law on Electronic Communications ("Official Gazette of Montenegro", No. 40/13) and they include:

1. meeting any reasonable user request for the access to public electronic communications network and publicly available electronic communications services on a fixed location, which enables the use of voice communication and data transfer rate which enables functional Internet access;

2. providing the service of universal telephone directory (hereinafter: “Universal Directory”) and universal enquiry service for subscriber numbers (hereinafter: "Universal Enquiry Service“);

3. use of public pay phones or other publicly available points for provision of voice services at any time, in accordance with the reasonable requests and needs of end users, in terms of geographic coverage and service quality;

4. special measures and benefits for the persons with reduced mobility and persons with disabilities, including the access to emergency services, enquiry service for subscriber numbers and directory of subscribers, which enables them to have the same possibilities of access to the publicly available telephone services as the other end users as well as the appropriate selection of operators available to the majority of end users.

Minimum set of services included in the Universal Service shall be determined by the Government, while the Agency monitors and proposes the necessary amendments to the minimum set of services of the Universal Service.


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