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RF spectrum monitoring

According to legal obligations, the Agency is responsible for administering radio frequency spectrum in the territory of Montenegro in compliance with the Radio Frequency Allocation Plan and Radio Frequency Allotment Plans, and therefore to design, project, establish and maintain RF spectrum monitoring system in Montenegro, which is a pre-requisite for its efficient management.

RF spectrum monitoring means the control and measuring of technical parameters of radio emissions and monitoring of their compliance with applicable regulations and issued authorizations for the use of radio frequencies, and particularly identification and locating of illegal radio emissions, as well as the identification and location of the sources of harmful interferences. In addition, RF spectrum monitoring activities also provide a leverage effect for planning and rational use of the available RF spectrum, with a special emphasis on the coordination of radio frequencies with neighbouring countries.

The implementation of Montenegrin system for RF spectrum monitoring started in late 2003, when the Study on the grounds of technical documentation for the implementation of RF spectrum control in Montenegro was drawn up. In early 2004, micro-locations were determined for the buildings of the future Main control measuring centre on Dajbabska gora near Podgorica, Regional control measuring centre on Crni Rt near Sutomore and 10 Remote-controlled control measuring stations planned to be built on the following locations: Vijenac, Bratica, Trojica, Krimovica, Trebjesa, Pitomine, Bijela Crkva, Zaimovića Livada, Jasikovac I Plav.

When drafting the RF spectrum monitoring system, the commitment was to do the monitoring of RF spectrum in the ranges of 9kHz up to 3GHz.

In the previous period, the Agency procured monitoring equipment from Rohde&Schwarz manufacturer, which included a ESMB receiver for RF spectrum monitoring in the ranges from 9kHz to 3GHz, and an antenna system comprising 5 antennas, out of which three were omnidirective:

  • HE010 for RF band of 10kHz to 80 MHz,
  • HE309 for RF band of 20MHz to 1 300 MHz,
  • HF902 for RF band of 1 GHz to 3 GHz,

and two directive antennas:

  • HL033 for RF band of 80MHz to 2 000 MHz,
  • HL040 for RF band of 400MHz to 3 000 MHz.

Besides the mentioned equipment, an EB200 transportable monitoring receiver was procured from Rohde&Schwarz manufacturer, which can also be used for monitoring of RF spectrum in the range of 10 kHz to 3 000 MHz with its associated antenna set, which consists of 4 antenna modules.

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