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Use of numbering/addresses

The operator can use numbers and/or addresses from the Numeration Plan and the Addressing Plan based on the approval for the use of numbers and/or addresses issued by the Agency. The Operator shall submit the request in the prescribed form that can be found at the web site of the Agency. The applicant shall pay one-off fee for the processing of the request in the amount of EUR 50.00 to the Agency’s bank account as follows: 510-2125-67.

The Agency shall decide upon the request within 15 days as of the date of the application receipt.

The approval for the use of numbers and /or addresses shall contain the following:

  1. Data on the approval holder;
  2. The approved numbers and/or addresses;
  3. The purpose of the use of  the approved numbers and/or addresses;
  4. The start date of the use of the approved numbers and /or addresses issued;
  5. The period for which the approval for numbers and/or addresses has been issued;
  6. Conditions for the use of the approved number and/or addresses.

The holder of the approval for the use of numbers and/or addresses shall:

  1. Use the assigned numbers and/or addresses in the way as determined by the approval;
  2. Pay the annual fee for the use of numbers and/or approvals;
  3. Meet the requirements of subscribers for the number portability in line with the Law;
  4. Fulfil the obligations from international treaties and agreements regarding numbers and/or addresses and their allocation and use.

The right to use numbers and/or addresses can be transferred or assigned to another legal or natural person only with the approval of the Agency.

The fee for the use of numbers and/or addresses is calculated as of the issuance date for the year in which the approval has been issued i.e. until the validity period expiry.

The fee for the use of numbers and/or addresses paid for the year in which the approval for the use has been revoked, shall not be reimbursed.

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