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Council of the Agency

By the Decision of the Government of Montenegro No 03-12675/5 from 11 December 2008, the Agency Council was appointed, comprising:

- Dr Šaleta Đurović, Council President
- Aleksandar Mijač, Member
- Branko Kovijanić, Member
- Ana Radonjić, Member
- BSc. Milica Vukotić, Member.

President of the Council shall organize the sessions and preside in the activities of the Council. In his absence, a member of the Council authorized by the Council on the first regular session shall replace him. Regular sessions shall be held at least once a month, and others as per need. The Council shall be responsible to the Government.

The duties of the Council shall be the following: to adopt the Statute of the Agency; to adopt procedures, regulatory acts and decisions based on regulatory rules, in conformity with this Law (on market power, tariffs, collocation, interconnection, the provider of universal service and fees on the basis thereof, public tenders procedure, disputes among entities in the market and similar); adopt Work Program and Financial Plan of the Agency; adopt Radio Frequency Allotment Plan, adopt the Numbering Plans and Addressing Plans; approve the Annual Report for submission to the Government including the financial report.

The President of the Council and members of the Council shall be appointed to a term of office of 5 years. The first term of office of two members of the Council, shall be 5 years and of two of the members shall be 3 years. Candidates with better qualifications (length and type of work experience, special education, foreign language skills, etc) shall be appointed to term of office of 5 years.

The President of the Council and members of the Council shall not hold office for more than two consecutive terms.

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