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                            The 15th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE

      ‘’Regulatory activity in the electronic communications sector‘’

                              ‘’NEXT GENERATION REGULATION’’

                                        Budva, MONTENEGRO

                                      24 – 27 September 2017


The Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services of Montenegro (EKIP) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) – the Telecommunication Development Bureau, are organizing the 15th International Conference “Regulatory activity in the electronic communications sector”. This International Conference will take place under the working title “Next Generation Regulation” within the 24th Festival of ICT achievement – Infofest 2017, which is considered by the Government of Montenegro to be a manifestation of particular state interest.   

The International Conference, which will be organized for the 15th time, is one of leading gatherings of the regulators, and it allows enough space to discuss on various aspects of the regulation of electronic communications market.

Having in mind the current situation and trends in the electronic communications sector, it is decided to organize the Conference under the working title “Next Generation Regulation” in order to:

  • Provide continuity in regulatory activities related to electronic communications sector,
  • Make conditions for a complete implementation of national policies of the development of electronic communications sector by meeting the standards and achieving the goals prescribed by Digital Agenda 2020 and Strategy for a Digital Single Market,
  • Provide further market development by implementing new technologies and development of applications and services of the prescribed quality,
  • Secure network safety and integrity and
  • Improve user satisfaction and the options given to end users with regard to the availability of services and applications of the appropriate quality.

The most actual topics will be discussed at the Conference and will be addressed within separate programme sessions, as follows: 

  • The fifth generation of regulation (Collaborative regulation, 5G: Regulatory Challenges)
  • Trends in ICT policy & regulation (Innovative policy and regulatory tools for the digital economy, )
  • Development of NGA networks (Development of Broadband Access and Adoption of Broadband, regulations, development and infrastructure mapping, usage of RF spectrum, ),
  • Market analysis and price regulation,
  • New challenges in user protection (roaming, measuring parameters of the service quality, neutrality of network, mapping of the services, users rights...),
  • Network safety and integrity, ‘’cyber security’’...

Considering the importance of the topics at this moment, we expect the representatives of the national regulatory authorities, ministries, operators of electronic communications, as well as the representatives and experts of international organizations and bodies responsible for regulatory and development policy of electronic communications, to participate in the Conference and thereby contribute to its quality and success.

All those who are interested to take part in the Conference are invited to come in the capacity of participants, panellists or speakers elaborating some of the above mentioned topics, according to their working fields. If you consider it useful to share your experience with other participants in the Conference, you are invited to submit the proposal of the name and of a brief summary of the presentation till 1 September 2017, to the e-mail address: conference@ekip.me. Upon approval given by the organizers of the Conference, your presentation should be submitted by 18 September 2017.

Documents related to the Conference, including the Agenda, the Registration Form and Practical Information for participants will be posted on:

The Conference will be held in Montenegrin and English and with simultaneous interpreting.


Participants who may need an entry visa for Montenegro should contact the nearest embassy or consulate of Montenegro for assistance well in advance. A list of embassies and consulates of Montenegro in the world can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration:


As in all previous years, the organizers of the Conference will provide other contents for the participants of the Conference, which will contribute to a relaxed working atmosphere in order to achieve best possible effects of the mutual communication of participants (dinner and a boat trip around the Bay of Kotor).

All Conference events will organized in the hotel “Avala Resort & Villas” in the beautiful Mediterranean setting in Budva, the metropolis of the Montenegrin tourism.



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